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Welcome to Adventure.TXT, a collaborative multiplayer text adventure. The game and story are created by the users, and always evolving. Your score increases as other players interact with parts of the world you create. Keep an eye out on the lobby for news about new features. Tutorial. Player's Guide.

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There's a new interactive demo. Type the "tutorial" command to try it out. I've also started building out a new area, centered around the "Town Square" area. Type "warp Town Square" to take a look. -elplatt


Welcome to the Lobby. You can find a list of recently created areas to explore below. To learn more about how to play, check out the Player's Guide linked in the footer.
som123: anyone out there?
som123: hi
Cacav20: where did orch.hit go?
june_7: anyone into alec benjamin's music?
jitterbug404: hiii
syntax: Hello, World
syntax: hi
sgt_pepper: hi
solepiaman: hello, anyone from Soledad, Atlantico?
Verzerga: I am here for some reason I don't know
elplatt: Hi hi
@.+-_: Anyone out there?
@.+-_: Hello
elplatt: beep boop
elplatt: What happens if I'm scrolled?
elplatt: Let's see if this works!
elplatt: Testing out the new chat update...
ihavedna: Hello!
WilliamSpencerHolcomb20MainStreetExeterNH03833: hello
tanzania: Hey
davai: hi
elplatt: hello
useruseruser: hello
ronnie141655: michigan
ronnie141655: sup, hello from
bilbobaggeens: sssupp from iceland
x: fg
1omar2h3m: print("Hi")
africanb33s: go to bar
africanb33s: hello
the-brainiac: hello
mohamed203: From egypt
mohamed203: I'm mohamed sayed
mohamed203: I'm mohamed sayed
rahul: any human here
rahul: i am from india
rahul: hello
coongabc: hi
nishit: hello
bonthusaireddy: hello
opacoos: js
opacoos: Hi
elplatt: What feature should I add next?
elplatt: Hi, everyone!

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